Parents! This page is for the CREW kids!

Here is everything the CREW (ages 6-12) needs to know!

This page was designed to give the kids a place to come online and access everything they need to make the most of every opportunity in our classroom! It has everything from our monthly memory verses to special ways to earn extra tickets!

CREW Kids Ministries

We call ourselves a CREW because it is so important for kids to understand that going through life alone isn't good for anyone! We will always have a need for God and for each other! We function under the premise found in Psalm 133:1 -

"How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in peace!" 

How to be an excellent member of the CREW

Follow the Rules

We have basic rules that everyone needs to follow for safety and to respect everyone around us. These rules apply outside of the classroom too! To be a member of the CREW you need to be respectful of others around you!

Play Nice with Others

Our Group verse is Psalm 133:1

"How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!"

That means playing nice with the other members of the CREW!

Rack up the points

By bringing your Bible, offering, memorizing scripture, even just for showing up, you earn points to turn in for cool prizes! 

Part of being a member of the CREW is working hard for cool rewards!

Be. Amazing.

The purpose of the CREW is to help make amazing human beings. As long as you are a part of the CREW, there is a standard to meet! As long as you follow the rules and have fun? You meet the standard!

To be a part of the CREW, you have to be AWESOME just how God made you!

What you need to know!

The Faith Verse for the month of September is:

Matthew 18:20 NLT  - "For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them."  

How to Earn Tickets?


Just by showing up and being a part of the class you earn ONE ticket per service! 

You don't have to do anything to earn it except be there!

Possible every service

Every week there are a few easy ways to earn tickets. By bringing your Bible you earn 1 ticket every time. By bringing tithes and offering you earn another point!

Not as often

We sometimes give out extra points for special things, like going above and beyond to help, birthdays, incredible participation etc. 

Also, we have a monthly faith verse that you can memorize for an extra TEN tickets. We study these verses on Wednesday nights!

Down to 'nuthin

We do have classroom rules, meaning that if you break the rules, are mean to others, throw fits, etc. You can LOSE tickets. If you go down to zero, there is a possibility of going into the negative, meaning you need to earn tickets just to get back to zero. We don't like to do this, so if everyone is respectful, you don't need to worry about this ever happening to you

CREW Summer Challenge

Lost your Summer Challenge paper? No worries! You can print a new one and access the digital copy right here!

View the Summer Challenge

Other Resources

CREW Kids Cadet Program

Do you want to be a Junior Leader? There's extra responsibilities and rewards for anyone willing to work for it! Get your application here!

Click Here

BGMC Giving APp

BGMC now has an app that allows you to track giving and set short term and long term giving goals! Available for free on the app store and Google Play store!

Apple devices click here

Android devices click here

Samaritan's Purse App

Looking for an interactive way for kids to learn the Bible stories? Samaritan's Purse (Operation Christmas Child) has an app called THE GREATEST JOURNEY for free on apple and android devices.

Download Here

Bible Reading Plans

Beginner's Level

The Beginner's Bible Reading Plan takes one year to just read the Psalms and Gospels.

(Great for 6-7 year olds)

Click Here to View

Moving on up!

The Intermediate Bible Reading Plan still doesn't go cover to cover, but it makes sure to hit all the main Bible stories in order.

(Great for 8-10 year olds)

Click Here to View


The Advanced Bible Reading Plan is for those who want to take the challenge to read the entirety of God's Word in ONE YEAR. It is intense!

(Great for 11 year olds and older!)

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