First Assembly Institute

"Show Yourselves Approved..."

  1. Study and be eager and do your utmost to present yourself to God approved (tested by trial), a workman who has no cause to be ashamed, correctly analyzing and accurately dividing [rightly handling and skillfully teaching] the Word of Truth .

  • 2 Timothy 2:15 AMPC

How we become approved


We use the Bible as the primary text in a variety of learning environments to establish and educate students in the vital truths of God’s Word as they pursue a Christ-centered life. 

Empower & Encounter

Students will be empowered and equipped to confidently represent and serve Christ in every area of their lives. 

We create environments where students can encounter God’s presence and experience His power. 


As students apply the scriptures to their lives, they will give credible evidence to the reality of God – ready to influence a complex and changing world. 


Students will be comfortable sharing what they learn with others and have impact that expands far beyond the classroom.

What to expect?

Session Structure

Our semesters "sessions" will range from 6-8 weeks long. 

Night of Class

Nearly all classes will take place on a single night of the week. That night, you can expect a time for connection and class.


Students will receive a certificate of completion upon passing all of our Core Classes. An additional certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of 6 Growth Classes.

How to Register

There is a form to fill out and some but not all of the classes require a book to be purchased.

Varying levels of learning

There are four types of classes offered in the Institute

CORE classes provide a study on the basic truths of Christianity.

These lessons are essential if you are going to have the right

foundation in God’s Word to grow up spiritually and serve the

Lord effectively.

*** Completion of Core Classes are required for anyone that begins attending First AG NPR after 1/23 as a prerequisite of any Growth or Leadership level classes

Summer Session Classes

There are two CORE classes, one GROWTH class, and one LEADERSHIP class offered for the summer session of the Institute. Please click below to see details.

  • Transformed Life | Book

    Transformed Life is offered In-Person on Wednesdays.

    Transformed Life is a facilitated small group experience designed to help you learn about the Bible and experience community with others who want to grow in their relationship with God. Through group discussion, home study, and Bible readings, you will learn who God is, who He has designed you to be, and the abundant life that is available to believers.

    Required Books: The Bible; Transformed Life by Pastor John Carter

    The Authority of the believer | Book

    The Authority of the believer is not only for a select few it is for every child of God.  Too few recognize the impact that they could have or acknowledge the position, privileges and responsibilities that are ours.  We can confront the enemy and promote the Kingdom of God around the earth.  Receive from the insights of Greek scholar Rick Renner and revelation from Ephesians that John MacMillan shares in his book.  

    Required Books: The Bible; The Authority of the Believer by John A MacMillan

    *** Completion of Core Classes are required for anyone that begins attending First AG NPR after 1/23 as a prerequisite of any Growth or Leadership level classes

  • Parenting from the Tree of Life | 3 yrs. to Preteen | Book

    Parenting from the Tree of Life will help you to understand how to instruct your growing children in the way of the Lord. This course lays the groundwork for your parenting no matter where you are in the process. The three parts of Parenting from the Tree of Life are designed to take parents through the process of building a loving family unit by raising biblically responsive and morally responsible children.

    Part One: The first six lessons of the Life Series considers the relational components associated with healthy families and healthy parenting. Parents, by intent or by neglect, for better or worse, are still the greatest influence when it comes to shaping a child’s life. Unless parents voluntarily give it up, or choose to surrender portions of their influence, nothing is more persuasive and long-lasting as the impressions gained or lost within the context of the home. This is because children tend to reflect the priorities and values of their home life. What is important to Mom and Dad will become important to their children, and will influence what each child becomes in the future. 

    The self-evident truth that early family life lays the foundation for later adjustments exists above all other assumptions. While there are a variety of influences on children that parents cannot change (nature, heredity, temperament, and predispositions), the quality of Mom and Dad’s relational influences will impact their children for a lifetime. 

    Topics Include: 

    • A Two-World Perspective

    • Marriage and the Secure Child

    • Understanding your Child’s Love DNA

    • Creating Treasures of the Heart

    • The Power of Life and Death

     Influences of Sight and Sound

    Required Books: Parenting from the tree of Life by Gary and Marie Ezzo

    ** Parts two and three will be offered in other institute sessions

  • L.E.A.D Leaders Equipped and Discipled | Bible

    Requires successful completion of Core Classes for those that began attending after 1/23

    Whether you are a leader in your family, your church, or your business, it is important to understand your personal leadership style. If you want to be a successful leader, you must be able to self-evaluate, be honest with yourself, and look objectively at the qualities and the skills that you currently possess. This class will help you identify your leadership style, preferences, strengths, and areas where you need improvement, so that you can grow as a leader.

    Required Books: The Bible

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